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Monday, January 5, 2015
GOVERNOR'S MESSAGE: January/February 2015
On November 15, 2014, the Supreme Governor of the Moose, Danny Albert, made an official visit to our Lodge. This is the first official visit by a Supreme Governor since 1995 when Phil Brankin visited. Having a Supreme Governor visit is a great honor to our Lodge. Danny was very pleased with our Lodge’s progress. He also visited Genesee Valley Henrietta, Palmyra and Churchville with official visits. Danny Albert was presented with endowment checks from our Lodge and Chapter. Tommy Moose presented plush Tommy Moose stuffed animals to LeRoy Fire Dept. and Police Dept. Our Supreme Governor was very pleased with our commitments, and said he was very proud with our members enthusiasm. All members of our Lodge and Chapter should be very proud of our success.

Our annual Veteran’s honor night was held on Nov. 22, 2014. A free prime rib dinner was cooked by Tom Petrie. A great turn-out and excellent food combined for a event enjoyed by all our Vets! They all deserve our respect and thanks. If you see Tom Petrie say thanks for a great job. In addition, thank you very much to our TEENS! We couldn’t do the special events without all your help. We are all very proud of your dedication.

The House Committee has determined that there will be NO PRICE INCREASES in the social quarters for all of 2015 in celebration of our 100 year centennial. This is the 3rd straight year we haven’t had a price increase except for a few new items. This is a great job our House Committee has done to hold prices.

A word about the House Committee. The Governor is the Chairman, and it consists of the Trustees of the Lodge and other Officers of the Lodge. The House Committee runs the business of the social quarters. The social quarters is our main source of income for our support of Mooseheart, Moosehaven and other community charities. The social quarters is where members socialize and share comradery with Brothers and Sisters. The House Committee buys products and does inventory of the items our members desire. The House Committee oversees the Bar Manager, Shop Steward and all Bartenders. All of these members do our business on their own time for the love of our Lodge, absolutely none are compensated. The House Committee also controls decorum. Decorum is used to insure all members are treated equally and with respect. If there is any issues or new products you desire in our social quarters please call me. Hope you had a great holiday and I am looking forward to a prosperous New Year!

Stu Erbelding (944-5958)
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